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Request for Prototype Proposals (RPP)

*Proposals for the Enigma opportunity will be extended until Monday, 21 November at 8:00 AM PST.  An amended RPP reflecting the new due date will shortly follow

The Government has released the Request for Prototype Proposals in support of the ENIGMA. You can review the RPP and its supporting documents below.


RPP Q&A Responses

Please find below the Q&A Responses from the Government to questions that were asked during the RPP phase.

ENIGMA RPP QA 11.7.2022
ENIGMA RPP QA 11.10.2022


A list of organizations interested in teaming opportunities for ENIGMA is now available.

To view the teaming list, please send an email to with the subject line “ENIGMA Teaming List” with the following:

  • POC info
  • Company name
  • Capabilities
  • Intent to sub/prime
  • Traditional/Non-traditional status


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Please find below the Q&A Responses from the Government to questions that were asked during the Coming Soon phase.

Coming Soon Q&A Responses III: SpEC Project ENIGMA Coming Soon Q&A Response 7.18.2022

Coming Soon Q&A Responses II: SpEC Project Enigma Coming Soon Q&A Responses 7.13.2022


Space Systems Command (SSC) is building a Government Owned Contractor Operated (GOCO) digital backbone in support of the acquisition mission.

This backbone should consider Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) IL5/6 certified Digital Engineering (DE) platform that provides MILS Secret and Below Interoperability (SABI) connectivity.

This platform shall be engineered and developed to provide a SABI/VDI/MILS environment that connects government, industry partners, and government support, across geographically separated locations at an IL6, DoD SECRET level.

The proposed platform shall enable mission partners cross domain access and cross domain transfer between multiple platform enclaves in accordance with need-to-know, DoD security guidance and distribution sensitivity-related constraints (e.g., proprietary and competition sensitive information).

Capabilities should include computing power, data storage, data transport and throughput scalable, accessible, and provides support for all engineering and acquisition mission activities.  The platform shall include a configuration control board (CCB) and quality assurance (QA) program to manage appropriate software solution onboarding for Digital Engineering, DevSecOps and program management collaboration.

Government insights into the continuously-monitored cyber posture of the entirety of this ecosystem, with the ability to request actions if the posture adversely affects the mission, is required. Connectivity and integration back into NIPR and SIPR ecosystem shall be available for collaboration with all government stakeholders.

In addition, the platform shall include acceptable user experience to include complexity, latency, and support (help desk) and shall be scalable to meet SSC, SpOC, STARCOM and broader Space Force enterprise requirements, if so desired by those stated in the future.