Responses Due: 9 September 2022 at 12:00 PM MT

Q&A Responses: 30 August 2022 at 4:00 PM ET

RFI Release: 22 August 2022 at 1:00 PM ET


The Government has provided an RFI (Request for Information) regarding the NSTTC-ER opportunity.

Please note: RFI responses are due Friday, 9 September 2022 at 12:00 PM MT.

Please find the NSTTC-ER RFI here: NSTTC-ER RFI


The Government has provided answers to questions submitted regarding the NSTTC-ER opportunity. Please find them below.

NSTTC-ER RFI Answers to Questions 30 Aug 2022


As General David D. Thompson, Vice Chief of Space Operations (VCSO) stated in the United States Space Force Vision for Space Test, “Our ability to effectively deliver vital space capabilities to the warfighter will be defined by our ability to develop the multi-venue, live-virtual-constructive NSTTC needed to test those capabilities. The NSTTC construct is a deliberate and configurable set of capabilities which enables the USSF to build an accredited, digital representation of the National Security Space Enterprise, and the joint warfighting environment that space serves, to support test and training. The Complex will be lean, efficient, and interoperable with other joint test infrastructure, supporting multiple interests within the USSF to include DT, OT, and advanced training. To fully assess system-of-systems capabilities, government ownership of critical pieces of the test infrastructure will be essential.”

As part of this construct, the IPO will develop a Space Force Range that will provide space warfighters interconnected, scalable, and distributed physical and digital ranges to develop, validate, and sharpen joint warfighting solutions for full-spectrum test and training. The vision for the NSTTC has four focus areas: Service Capability, Joint Applicability, Integrated Test, and Threat Replication.