This opportunity has been moved under evaluation as of 12 November 2021.

Space Systems Command (SSC) Development Corps’ Innovation and Prototyping Directorate is excited to announce Round 2 of Space Vision 2030. Space Vision 2030 will continue to be a recurring collaborative effort with our Space Enterprise Consortium members to identify and mature key enabling technologies that evolve the SSC and the U.S. Space Force’s current space architecture to one that will meet our needs in 2030.

On 1 October 2021, Space Vision 2030 will release the second round of Concept Papers, challenging our consortium members to pose novel technology, capability, or architectural solutions to help realize various parts of the planned 2030 military space architecture. Compelling responses to Concept Papers will be provided opportunities to transition to prototyping efforts. Responses will be due by 12 November 2021.

The Space Vision 2030 team will release further details on the initiative’s timelines and expectations in the coming weeks. Once the Concept Papers are released they will only be accessible to SpEC Members.